Architizer A+Award 2020

The Architizer A+Awards is the largest awards program focused on promoting and celebrating the year’s best architecture and spaces. Its mission is to nurture the appreciation of meaningful architecture in the world and champion those designers that are integral to bringing great buildings to life. The Awards bring your work to a global audience of […]

Kooche magazine small residential competition 02

It is a conceptual architectural competition held by Kooche having the experience of the first edition in mind, and the economic crises due to sanctions in Iran,the organisers decided to change the program to “ new solution for working and living in small placees” so the jury has chosen the winners among that have […]

Kooche magazine small residential competition 01

Amir Reza Saheb was amongst the jury of this competition. It is a conceptual architectural competition held by Kooche Magazine. Its aim is to find a new solution for the future of Tehran.So the site has been chosen in the area which has this capacity for future development. The jury has chosen the winner among […]

Iranian architects prestigious award 2021 (1400)

This award is held once a year and each year has focus on special category. The categories are Multi-Units building , villas and public buildings, So there is a cycle of 3 years award which the project have been chosen by the a very prestigious and veteran architects ,Niloofar 22 won the 2nd place in […]


Bookan residential building won the 3rd place in the category of future buildings. The 2A Continental Architectural Awards is an architecture award, organised by 2A Magazine to recognize and honour an individual or a group’s contribution to the world of architecture

MINI BUILDING book series (vol.7)

There is a famous series of book published in South Korea called ‘Mini Building’ which publish by A&C puclishing co, that dedicated to the best of small apartments buildings across the world. Niloofar 22 is one the feature projects in MINI BUILDING vol.7

Architizer A+ Award 2018

Niloofar 22 is spetial mentioned in the A+Façade category in architizer A+Award 2018. Architizer A+Award is a New York based award program which is held every year.It has a wide range of categories to enter which makes it as one of the most recognizable awards in the world in which many architects firm participate in […]

Memar Grand Award 2017 (1396)  

A faceting effect livens up and interrupts the cubism that sets the morphology of the West system apart from the cliches of modern design. Characterised by its suitability for use in a wide range of different…